How's That Dragon Ball Online MMORPG Coming Along?

Well, it's got a soaring theme song, that's for sure. Bulma in a bikini, too.

Dragon Ball Online takes place 200 years after the manga's end, when an organization has divided up the world, which players set out to reunite. What's more, players start off as kids, grow into adults and can select any of the major races - Saiyan, Nameks and Humans. Just as you'd expect with any MMO, players can also make their own avatars.


Artist Akira Toriyama is lending a hand to design characters, backgrounds and generally make sure the game looks all Toriyama-ey.

Originally announced for 2008, the game is going into closed beta testing next month. It is announced for release in South Korea this year.



Since its 200 years in the future and Vegeta and Goku married humans and had part Saiyan kids, then their kids had kids, and their kid's kids had kids and so on...

Its probably safe to assume most of the human population has Saiyan blood in their veins, even if it is watered down by several generations, I wouldn't be surprised if a Human with 1/18th Saiyan heritage could still go Super Saiyan and get increased strength from his bloodline.