How's PlayStation Now Working For You?

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PlayStation Now went into an open beta earlier this week in the U.S. and Canada. So now that the PlayStation 4-owning public has had a chance to try out Sony's new game-streaming service, we want to hear about it from all you wonderful netizens.


Tell us about your experience with PlayStation Now to date. And please follow this template so we're all on the same page:

Location: Where are you gaming from? During what time of day usually?

Internet Connection Speed: Please specify if your connection is wired or wireless, and tell us which service provider you use if relevant.

What Games Have You Played? Has the quality of service varied dramatically from one game to another?

Describe Your Overall Experience: Does it work? Does it not work? Are the prices scaring you away? Are there games you wish had been included already? Have you had any interactions with Sony's customer service? If so, were they nice and helpful? Any surprises, pleasant or otherwise? Most importantly: are you having fun?

Drop some notes in the comments below, and we'll take it from there.

Happy Friday!

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Gaming from the Philly market. Verizon 75/35 connection. Dead Island, Oddworld (which I also own on PS3, and wanted a side-by-side comparison).

Seems decent in quality of stream, but i'm not crazy about it. As for costs simply to rent a game? -