How's It Going?: Try Again Edition

BoJack Horseman, “The Face of Depression”
BoJack Horseman, “The Face of Depression”
Screenshot: Netflix

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, etc. Welcome back to our daily open thread.

Last night I made what seemed like a super simple dinner of polenta with roasted vegetables. For some reason everything went wrong—I kept dropping vegetables I was chopping, the polenta wouldn’t thicken, and the whole thing ended with me accidentally triggering my sink sprayer several times and drenching myself while shouting “Why is this happening?!” despite knowing exactly why it kept happening. I put everything away and flopped down on my couch, really annoyed with myself, and then realized that the nice thing about cooking so much lately is I just get to try again with a new dinner the next night.


This was all ultimately a minor disaster in a time full of large disasters, but a lot of minor things feel outsized to me these days. However, fucking up dinner felt like a nice reminder that even the most annoying day eventually ends and you get to try again. Cognitively, this can be hard to wrap my head around, as the days kind of blur together, a fact that isn’t helped by my compulsively continuing to fall asleep on my couch while watching TV instead of sleeping in my bed. I’ve exhausted all my Bob’s Burgers and have switched over to rewatching BoJack Horseman. Last night I watched this scene from the last season, and I’d forgotten how lovely it is.

How are you picking yourself up when things go wrong? How’s it going?

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I guess I’m gonna throw in another Corgi update, since it seemed like a bit of a hit, yesterday. Plus… again, Corgis have been vital in helping me keep my head on straight this past month. Hope this gives at least one or two of you a nice dopamine hit.

Today will be week 4 of our virtual “reading buddy” program. Both dogs (Machete Corgez & Knives Chau) are certified therapy dogs who volunteer at the local library. Obv hard to do, but we got a lot of requests to run these online, so we’ve been casting on facebook. It’s pretty awkward, cuz it’s really just them in a down for 30 minutes, with me behind the camera holding their attention and providing feedback. But it’s made a lot of people happy

Plus, it’s a great opportunity to make them look ridiculous.