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How's It Going?: Travel Edition

80 Days
80 Days
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It’s a very rainy Thursday where I am. Welcome back to our daily open thread.

Yeterday’s Assassin’s Creed Valhalla tease got me thinking about the trip I took to Norway a few years ago. In Oslo, there’s sort of a peninsula with a bunch of museums on it—I had been determined to make it to the Fram Museum to see some polar exploration boats, but along the way I got sidetracked at an outdoor museum full of historic houses and one about Vikings. I thought I didn’t care about Vikings terribly much, but the intricate woodwork on the boats and artifacts was really cool. I spent way too long there and ended up barely making it to the Fram Museum.


Thinking about the Viking museum got me flipping through my Norway pictures and really missing the feeling of wandering around a new town on my own, exploring a new place and meeting new people. Travel is probably the least likely thing for any of us until who knows when, but I’m already dreaming of going back to the Pacific Northwest once this is over, a beautiful part of the country I haven’t been to in far too long. I’ve been vaguely thinking of going to Copenhagen for years—maybe next year, or whenever we can travel again, is the time.


In the meantime, my biggest journey will probably be to the kitchen. Anywhere you’re hoping to go? How’s it going?

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I’ve been very into the idea of travel, but haven’t really “traveled” in a long time. When I was young, I got to visit a lot of places around the country thanks to the Boy Scouts. Lots of national parks and incredible experiences. I really want to do some international travel now, specifically to see places like Japan, China, and Korea. But the number 1 thing I really want to travel to see, is to see the Northern Lights.