How's It Going?: Snakes Edition

Steve Irwin
Steve Irwin
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Oh dear, it’s Monday again. Welcome back to our daily open thread.

This weekend I read Salvation on Sand Mountain, a book about snake handlers. It might be the first time I read about a religion without at least briefly wondering what my life would be like if I joined it. I haven’t seen a live snake in a very long time, which is perhaps a good thing. My sister and I used to catch garter snakes as kids, and I’ve seen a copperhead once (I fled in terror). I had some roommates who had a pet snake that I got to feed a freeze-dried mouse once, which was pretty cool. I do not think you should swing snakes around during church, each their own?


So this morning I’m thinking about how both nature and people are wacky. What are you thinking about? How’s it going?



While on a 50 mile hike when I was in Scouts, I almost stepped on a rattlesnake. It was sunning itself on a rock, and it was practically invisible in broad daylight. I’m just trudging along with my pack and then I hear the tell-tale rattle. I stop and scan around me, finding the snake about 20 feet ahead of me on the trail. Rattlesnakes can strike about 2/3 of their body length, and in that context, 20 feet is not far away. Ended up giving the thing a wide berth, because I wanted none of that nonsense while 20+ miles in on a 50 mile trip.

Someone recommended a new position to me that is right up my alley. I’m feeling anxious about going for it, but I know these are pre-event jitters that I get in regards to a lot of things. I’m kind of thinking I want to wrap up my certification course before I apply, but I know that is a fallacy and I need to apply for it now before it disappears.