How's It Going?: Skateboarding Edition

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Grab your skateboard and take a seat here at our latest daily open thread. Come chat about kickflips or anything.

Thanks to the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 remake being announced recently, it seems the world is filled with skateboarding everywhere I look. Which is fine with me. I’ve always enjoyed skateboarding in video games, but my actual experience on a board is much more limited.

I have two short stories about my attempts at skateboarding. Once when I was like 12 or younger a friend had a board. I stood on it, moved a bit and fell off it hard onto the concrete. The second time I got on a skateboard was because I was trying to be cool. It was one of my first days at my new school. I was like 14 maybe 15. We were sitting outside waiting for our rides on the front steps of the school. I noticed a kid had a board. I said something like “Oh cool, I can skate a little!” And he quickly handed me the board. I assume he sensed my bullshit and wanted to watch me fall. I stood on the board and tried REALLY hard to move forward and maybe do a little manual. How hard could it be? About two seconds later I was on the ground and people were laughing. I admitted I lied and some of those people became close friends over the weeks and months.


I haven’t touched a skateboard since then.

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How’s it going? Maybe I should try skateboarding again? Have you tried anything new or weird lately? Or maybe you finally are getting back to work?

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S.E. Doster

I was never very skilled, but I loved skateboarding and snowboarding. I’ve been thinking about those days a lot lately. Tony Hawk announcements got me feeling nostalgic. I don’t have insurance now and i’m in my 30s, so I don’t think i’ll be jumping on a board anytime soon lol. I did paint a pretty skateboard deck though! I’m just gonna mount it on the wall.