How's It Going?: Simple Pleasures Edition

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We’re halfway through the week, if time still has meaning for you. Welcome back to our daily open thread.


As I wrote yesterday, I’ve been struggling to do much besides worry lately. Nevertheless, I’m trying to force myself to notice the good things that I can still access, or that this situation is bringing out. Prior to this, when I was facing a tough day, I’d force myself to think of three things I could be grateful for. Sometimes, they were as small as getting to have a cup of coffee, or as defeatist as reminding myself I’d get to go back to bed when the day was over.

It’s not quite as easy to find those small pleasures these days (though coffee and bed still top the list). But the light was really nice in my apartment yesterday. I made popovers for the first time and they actually (mostly) worked; it was amazing to peek into the oven and see my ramekins full of batter turn into these giant, airy things I could eat. I also watched this TikTok probably 50 times, laughing hysterically.

What small things are bringing you joy today? How’s it going?


One of the main things getting me through the week is my Friday morning plan. There’s a local business open nearby that not only is a coffee shop, but also kind of serves as a fresh market. They have things like limes and lemons and banans and eggs there.

We’re trying really hard to not go out and be outside, but we’re also trying to be supportive of local business. This is the one thing I’m allowing myself since we’re running out of eggs, so I’ll go and grab a latte and a breakfast sandwich and eggs. Hell, even the act of getting in the car and popping a podcast on is somewhat soothing right now.

So yeah, it’s a small thing, but I’m really looking forward to it this week.