How's It Going?: Routines Edition

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It’s a sunny Tuesday where I live, which seems like a cruel joke. Welcome back to our daily open thread.


Last night I had a long Zoom call with a friend I usually hang out with on Mondays. It was a little awkward at first—on video calls, I either spend the whole time staring at myself and thinking about my beard, or I forget the other person can see me and catch myself just before taking the computer with me to the bathroom. Nevertheless, it was nice to have some semblance of my past weekly routine, and we both agreed we should do it every Monday.

Having a daily routine is certainly sound quarantine advice, but I haven’t really been able to pull one off outside of work. Have you? How’s it going?

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My advice is: keep your weekday and weekend routines separate! It helps to prevent the days from blobbing into each other. On the weekdays I get up by 9am and work until the evening (with breaks for food and a workout), and on weekends I sleep in and do a bunch of random stuff: games, reading, etc.

Zoom calls are really good for the mental state. It definitely helps to see faces.

I will happily take this sunny Tuesday over the rainy Sunday and Monday we just had, and the rainy Thursday through Saturday in the forecast...