How's It Going?: Reading Edition

New York Public Library
New York Public Library
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Here we are at Monday again, alas. Welcome back to our daily open thread.

Pretty much all I did this weekend was read and bake a cake, which was really nice. I finished two books: The Only Good Indians and Fleishman Is In Trouble. They’re both not my usual thing: the first is a horror book and I am a total wuss, and the second is about marriage, a topic that tends to throw me into an existential crisis about being (I think!) quite happily single in my 30s. Nevertheless, they were both really good and gave me a lot to think about. I’d totally recommend The Only Good Indians even if you aren’t into horror. A lot of people I respect have been raving about it, and they were very right.


Plus now I have a whole cake to eat, which I need to eat very quickly because it’s made with fresh fruit and is thus perishable. “Too much cake and reading” is not a bad problem to have, though.

What about you? How’s it going?



I have not been reading much at all during the pandemic. I think I should probably change that soon, like after I wrap up Yakuza 6. Take a break, work even just a little bit of reading after the work day. I used to get in about an hour a day reading on the train to and from work. That made it easy. I have been listening to audiobooks and I am reading The Secret History of Twin Peaks but that’s pretty light and fun stuff.

I made a quick, small peach galette yesterday with some leftover pie dough scraps in the freezer and a fresh peach. That was delightful.