How's It Going?: Priorities Edition

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Welcome to another week, and welcome back to our daily open thread.

This morning I made a list of all the things I need to do, from work stuff to various life things, and then tried to rank them in order of priority so I could figure out how to handle them. Because I’m me, this led to a bit of a back and forth with myself over which tasks were really more important, and also far too much self-reflection about what my priorities really mean. A particular work task might be shouting louder for my attention, but it probably isn’t more important than calling my doctor about something I’ve been putting off. Laundry could wait another week, even though the shame of my pile of filthy clothes is a lot to take in. I love making lists, so hopefully this one helps.


How do you figure out how to keep your life in order? How’s it going?


Faux Bravo

Routine is how I keep my life in order, both in and out of pandemic. Unfortunately, I kind shy away from doing anything but my routine, because I don’t like change. So maybe that’s screwing me. Ah well, can’t win any of ‘em.

I’m real deep in TLoU2, now. I don’t think I can finish tonight, even with a solid play session. But tomorrow is almost for sure. Make of it what you will, but I am eating that shit up. It is so fucking good.

It’s really interesting to see how the community has done this total 180 about the series (is two games a series?). Not only is there backlash against the sequel, but now I’m seeing more and more comments about how the first one was never that good to begin with. Gamers are fickle, I guess.

The first one was an instance of the gameplay not necessarily doing it for me, but I wanted to play to see what happened. I’m not sure if the second one plays better or I’m just more used to it having recently come off the first one, but it seems better to me. I’m dying a lot less. I’ve even found myself stealthing and having fun with it, despite stealth being one of my least favorite game mechanics. Maybe I’m just having a better time in being a contrarian to the contrarians who are upset about the game.

Also, I think I said before, but I’m really keen to finish so I can dive into reviews and analysis. I’m all for hearing the problems with the game, but I would like to hear them with some depth from people who know what they’re talking about, versus reading vague internet commentary about how terrible the game is. Guys, you don’t have to like the game. That’s fine. But if you used the word “terrible” to describe it, your credibility is immediately out the window. I’m going to listen to you with the same fervor that I listen to people on the internet calling people sheep and telling everyone to do their research.

God, I can’t wait till I’m off work so I can get back to it. Shit is bananas.