How's It Going?: Podcasts Edition

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It’s Thursday! Welcome back to our daily open thread.

I’m not a big podcast person, but last night I listened to the “Heated” podcast, which was about what we could learn about dealing with climate change from the crisis surrounding covid-19. That doesn’t sound like a very cheerful subject, but it was nice to hear human voices in my apartment while I puttered around, and I learned a lot. I care about climate change, but it’s often a subject I avoid thinking about too much lest I dissolve into overwhelming panic. I’m really improving my panic tolerance these days, though. An upside to this whole thing?

Are you listening to any cool podcasts? How’s it going?

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Right now it’s Keep It! for some Hollywood pop culture fun, and on deck is Splitscreen (heyo!), Rusty Quill Gaming (I never knew just listening to tabletop RPGs could be so great) and Gaylords Of Darkness, my favorite horror movie focused podcast ever. I’m also listening to an Inspector Gamache series audiobook with the first Harry Potter audiobook read by Jim Dale up next. Options, options, options, though I weeded out the political ones that were annoying me (like gabfest) even before the pandemic, so that helps.

Thank you for doing these every day, Riley. They really help.