How's It Going?: Old House Edition

A haunted house in Belarus
A haunted house in Belarus
Image: Kris Mari (Shutterstock)

It’s already Wednesday, we’re doing great! Welcome back to our daily open thread.


A friend of mine showed me an Instagram account of cheap old houses, so now I’m obsessed with that. (I’m hesitant to share the link with you because now you might buy the houses that clearly I was going to buy.) I like my apartment okay, but I’ve fallen into a habit of looking at fancy apartments I get served in Facebook ads, which then convinces Facebook I want to see more expensive apartments, thus begetting an endless cycle of aspirations and privacy invasion. Switching from million dollar penthouses to $20k rural churches with no running water seems like a step up, really.

How’s your house? How’s it going?


Legless Legolas' LEGO Lass

My house is good. Bought it a year and a few weeks ago. Only issue I’ve had is a nosy neighbor doesn’t like me because my back yard is completely dead (by design, one of my dogs is severely allergic to grass). Front yard is in great shape though because I’m not a jerk. Neighbor threatened to report me unless I did something about it ( not in a HOA neighborhood, and I explained why I kept it that way). Told her there wasn’t anyone she could report me to and she left in a huff.