How's It Going?: Old Games Edition

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Another weekend, another open thread. Come chat with other folks about how things are going.

Clearing your backlog of games is always a nice idea, but the allure of older games I’ve played is hard to ignore. So instead of playing something I’ve never played before, I decided to start playing the original Gears Of War again. This time with a friend who hasn’t played it before. Our goal is to play them all, eventually.

Going back to old games that you’ve already played during these slow and dark days is like eating a big bowl of mac and cheese. It is just comforting. It feels good. The world might be a wild place, but I know that Marcus and Dom are going to kill some Locust and that ain’t changing. That’s nice. It feels good. Sorry backlog, its time to kill some Locust. Again.


Your Daily Simpsons Clip

How’s it going? It feels like we’ve been doing these posts for a long time, but it’s only really been a month. I hope these threads are helping folks. I enjoy them a lot. A nice place to chat while I work weekends is great for my mental health.

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Tormented Thoughts

I started playing Bioshock the other day.

Howlongtobeat says it’s about 8 hours so I figured I’d run through it.

And honestly, not really into it.

Maybe because it’s FPS and I’m just not into those type of games in general.

But I don’t really find it to be fun.

Is Infinite better?

Can I skip 2?