How's It Going?: MST3K Edition

Joel and his robot friends.
Joel and his robot friends.
Photo: Best Brains/Shout Factory

In the not too distant future, somewhere on a weekend, Zack Zwiezen is creating a new daily open thread.

In these dark times, we all need some good laughs and something to distract us from the outside world, if only for a few hours. Or we at least need to have something fun in the background while working or cleaning or sitting with your phone open watching numbers go up and the world spin. My choice for adding some humor to my days in the last few weeks has been Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Last year I discovered Pluto TV, a totally free service that just streams thousands of old TV shows and movies with ads. It basically recreates having cable, complete with hundreds of channels I’ll never watch. But it has a whole channel that just plays MST3K episodes 24/7. And my GF and I now love to pop this on as the day winds down. Be it a Joel or Mike episode, I’m always happy to hear the bots riffing on some terrible films. I’ve even caught old episodes of the show I never saw before.


Heads up to folks outside the US, I have no idea if Pluto TV works in other countries. If it doesn’t I’m sorry.

Your Daily Simpsons Clip

How’s it going? Another weekend is almost done. You all made it. Congrats! Anything planned while you stay inside this week? How’s your city handling all this? How you all feeling?

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Back in the day, MST3K aired nightly at midnight on Comedy Central. It was perfect, because MST3K is a unique comedy in that you need minimal brain power to process it. Great for when you are half asleep after a hard day’s work.