How's It Going?: Moving Ahead Edition

Death Stranding
Death Stranding
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It’s Tuesday! Welcome back to our daily open thread.

I’m having a tough time putting one foot in front of the other these days. This probably hasn’t been helped by either worrying too much about the state of the world or having doom-ridden Zoom calls with friends about the state of the world. I know tending to certain basic things would improve my mood—cleaning the house, or cutting my hair, for instance—but I’m also in that “blah, what’s the point?” space that leaves me feeling even more down and stuck. I’m trying to make a concentrated effort to do one small chore a day, or leave the house for non-essential reasons, but fumbling my way into whatever can pass for a normal life under the circumstances feels very hard. I don’t know why my brain has decided that this time in which things are ostensibly pretty OK where I live—stuff is opening, and our coronavirus numbers are down—is the time to revert to beginning-of-the-pandemic levels of panic and sadness, but I’ve lived with this brain long enough to know it doesn’t always make sensible choices.


Anyway, I hope that hasn’t brought you down! How’s it going?


John Walker

I think lockdowns easing can be harder than starting. When they begin it’s fucking terrifying because nothing is normal, it’s far too much like living in the beginning of a zombie movie - but then it quickly gets easier, because really your life is simplified. You’re in your house, you’re not going to leave for work, or go to the shops, you’re not going to watch a movie, you’re not going to the party you’re not sure about. You have a box and you sit in it.

Being told we’re allowed out the box, but by the way, all the zombies are still out there - that’s FAR more for a brain to try to deal with. I think there’s an internationally shared agoraphobia right now that’s an awful lot.