How's It Going?: More Cake Edition

A nicely-decorated cake
A nicely-decorated cake
Screenshot: YouTube/Sally’s Baking Addiction

It’s Tuesday, so we’re getting there. Welcome back to our daily open thread.

Last weekend I baked a very fancy layer cake that took all day and was freaking delicious, but was tragically far too much cake for one person. I told myself not to bake another entire cake, then last night, I baked this carrot cake. My freezer is currently full of the previous cake, so now I have arguably more cake problems than I had last week. There’s probably a metaphor in there somewhere. There’s also cake for breakfast, so I guess I can’t complain. Check back on Friday, when there will still be cake for breakfast but I will be a lot less excited about it.


What about you? How’s it going?


Kate Moore (chiisaisuzume)

I’m having to deal with an increasingly resentful coworker and it’s starting to wear on me. First incident was a couple of months back; she’d taken off early while WFH (without permission), an email got missed, and my boss asked me to handle it. I did; Resentful Coworker proceeded not to communicate with me for about a month. Recently I thought we were doing better, but yesterday our group supervisor asked me to give a status update during a Zoom meeting, and mentioned to the others that of those in my position, I am the busiest by far and handling it alone. I didn’t think anything of it; it wasn’t praise, just a statement of fact for why I was able to deliver the requested information. Well, apparently RC didn’t agree. I had to call her later that afternoon for something; she picked up the phone and very deliberately hung up on me. I could escalate it through channels, but quite frankly, I don’t have the spoons for that and it’s not going to resolve the problem. If anything, it’d likely create a new one. If I’m being honest, I’m just going to ignore it and hope things smooth over on their own, again. I’m hoping that professionalism will kick in if we absolutely have to work together—if not, she’s got my PT four days a week and I can use her as a liaison. I get RC is frustrated and angry about the whole COVID situation, but at this point, who isn’t?  Taking it out on everyone around you doesn’t help.