How's It Going?: Cake Edition

Screenshot: YouTube

Welcome to Thursday, which is basically Friday if you’re ambitious, and welcome back to our daily open thread.


I know cake and things that are not cake are all the rage lately, but I got a bunch of cherries in my CSA that I am thinking of incorporating into a layer cake. The last time I made a layer cake I was faced with the problem of having an entire cake all to myself, which I didn’t think would be a problem but in fact was. This cake involves cutting two layers into four layers, metaphysically creating even more cake I cannot possibly hope to consume. But I’m definitely feeling the pull of a fiddly, labor-intensive baking project, so I might go for it.

What are you paranoid is now cake? How’s it going? 



At first, the “things are cake” videos were fun with their mind bendy-ness. Even the memes that sprouted from it were fun. Now it’s just devolved into asking if its a cake and not even bothering with the photoshop.

Working on this job app. Cover letters are complete bullshit.