How's It Going?: Masks Edition

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Please wear a mask when you go outside. Please.

My GF and I had to head out to the furniture store to look at getting a new couch for our new place. We had been putting it off for a while now, but with only a few weeks left until we move it was time to finally go out and start looking. When we got to the large store it was filled with a ton of people. And almost 80% of them weren’t wearing masks.

I get it. It sucks. I hate wearing my mask when I have to do a lot of talking or walking around. It’s hot and itchy. It also pulls on my ears and that sucks too. But I still wear it because I’m trying to protect people and myself. We all need to remember that even if the President and other state governments are pretending it’s all over, it’s not. The data shows that. And with states like Flordia seeing historical and massive spikes in new cases, we are about to enter a second wave even before the first wave is fully under control.

So please. Wear a mask.

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How’s it going? Have you started to go out more and get some stuff done? Are you annoyed at people not wearing masks either?

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