How's It Going?: LEGO Edition

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Welcome back to another Kotaku open thread. Come yell about stuff or (preferably) come calmly chat about how things are going.


Recently, my GF and I have been packing up in preparation for our move next month. And while I was working she began the process of taking apart and boxing up all my Star Wars LEGO sets. I kept all my boxes and looking at them all boxed up again, on one giant display shelf, I realized I had spent a lot of money on small bits of colored plastic. But they made me happy! And my GF and I love building sets together.

I also ended up going down a rabbit hole on YouTube, watching reviews of old and new LEGO sets. I don’t even want to buy most of the sets I watched, but I always love finding out random bits of LEGO trivia. “This was the first set to use this new helmet mold.” “This set was not sold in the US and featured exclusive Minifigs.” Stuff like that. It’s very relaxing to learn worthless trivia like that about something you love and enjoy.

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How’s it going? Anyone buy any big LEGO sets lately and start building them? Or maybe a 5000 piece puzzle?

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Kevin Wong

I have a LEGO amusement park that I’m building with my son. Just the rides though for now. My intent, once I have more room, is to do pathways and scenery too. I motorized the UFO ride, which I’m particularly proud of: