How's It Going?: Improvement Edition

Home Improvement season 4 intro. I had to dig deep for this one.
Home Improvement season 4 intro. I had to dig deep for this one.
Screenshot: YouTube

It’s Thursday! It’s very pretty outside where I live, which seems like a cruel joke. Welcome back to our daily open thread.


I didn’t get the chance to reply to the comments on yesterday’s thread, but I wanted to share here how much I appreciate them. You all are staying so strong through so much, and I really appreciate that you take some time out of your day to come share what’s going on with you with the rest of us.

Last night, in an effort to tackle my mouse problem, I dragged my stove and fridge away from the wall to clean under them. I also spent some hours crawling around under the sink patching up cracks with steel wool. My apartment is very small, but these are crevices in it that I usually avoid, certain they’re full of gross shit and bugs. They were in fact full of those things (though less gross than I feared), but I got very metaphorical about the idea of getting intimate with the dark places in my house that I tend to ignore. I also found some mouse traps under the sink, and then smashed my fingers multiple times trying to set them (those things are treacherous!). Now I’m torn between relief that the mouse hasn’t interacted with the trap, because it’s horrible (I’ve got one of those humane traps coming, uh, eventually?) and wondering if my efforts have solved the problem.

To extend the improvement metaphor further, several of you noted limiting your access to the news yesterday, which seems like a good way to take care of my mental house. I probably don’t need to read the same grim prognostications for this situation over and over.

How are you working on the physical or metaphorical place that you live lately? How’s it going?


Ravenous Sophovore

It’s snowing here currently. I wish Spring would just start already.  My dogs love it, though.  They want out constantly so they can roll in it and eat it.

In an interesting bit of coincidence, I heard a mouse scratching around under my bathtub this morning. So today I get to crawl under my house through the crawlspace and see if I can seal up the area around the bathtub drain. Fun! Also, probably full of black widow spiders if the last time was any indication.

I’m having trouble getting my husband to take this whole thing seriously and I’m about ready to break things about it. He keeps popping out to the store and wanting to get takeout like nothing’s wrong. He’s at least washing his hands after going out, but when I point out that I’m immunocompromised and this disease could kill me he just looks at me like I’m the one who’s crazy. Gah.