How's It Going? Gundam Style Edition

I picked this one because cool robot. That’s how I pick them.
I picked this one because cool robot. That’s how I pick them.
Photo: Mike Fahey

Has anyone seen my snipper tool? Welcome back to our daily open thread.

Here’s a confession. I know next to nothing about Gundam anime. I cannot look at a white, red, blue, and yellow robot and tell you which series it is from or recall its greatest battles. Who is piloting the RX-78-2 Gundam that’s next in my model building queue? I have no clue. They might have spiky hair.


Do I need to know all of that to enjoy assembling and admiring Gundam model kits? Not really. I pick new kits using a formula that compares price against coolness. Is it pretty cool? Does it cost under $20? Sold. Should I dedicate a significant portion of my life to watching all the Gundam things? I don’t know if I have that much free time left. The point here is robots are cool.

So how’s your day going so far?

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Gundam Wing was the big entry point for most Americans. Very boy band-ish and angsty. I think the original series and storyline is a bit harder to get into nowadays; just different animation styles, quality, and themes. One of the good things about alot of the series that came afterwards used the same set up (Earth vs Space Colonies, where the main weapons are giant robots), and they don’t really last that long as series. Just 24-48 episodes for relatively self contained stories. My favorite designs were from Gundam Wing, Gundam X, and G Gundam Fighters (which has race problems but probably the most varied designs).