How's It Going?: Future Edition

Back to the Future
Back to the Future
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It’s Thursday already, woo! Welcome back to our daily open thread.

A friend and I were talking over Zoom about the future earlier this week, namely the near future of America’s November elections. Given how grim everything is these days, I tend to panic when I think too hard about what’s going to happen, which I can usually head off by reminding myself that freaking out about the future doesn’t actually do anything about it. I take a pretty nihilistic comfort in thinking that I have no idea what could happen—everything is so terrible and bizarre that I’m sure some occurrence I’ve never even imagined will swoop in to surprise and terrify me. There’s something to be said for being surprised, I try to tell myself to keep from dissolving into anxious tears.


This sense of mystery is weirdly juxtaposed against the reality of most of my days, which are painfully the same. I don’t wonder so much what I might get up to after work, or what I might eat for dinner, or who I might meet today—I’ll probably just be inside again, and I’ll probably eat whatever I made for the week, and I’m not going to meet anyone because we’re all social distancing. It’s strange to feel both bored and terrified most of the time. I guess it’s nice of life to teach me new combinations of emotions.

Anyway, what about you? How’s it going?



Sure, I may have the anxiety-prone trait of disasterizing at times and may have felt similarly previously, but it really seems like we’re hitting a time that includes but is not limited to the election, where we either continue the path the USA is careening on and go over a terrible cliff into (economic, climate, social, human rights) consequences unknown yet dire, or we do the hard work on a massive overhaul that’s long past due. And it freaks me out and depresses me to think about it too much.

Who needs coffee when I can just read the news each morning.