How's It Going?: Frozen Food Edition

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It’s Sunday and like every other day during this pandemic, that means once again it is time for another daily open thread. Come on in and chat!


This is the last day before the big move and so over the past week, we have been trying to eat up all the frozen food and leftovers. That’s not stuff I want to haul miles and miles. Canned goods, dry foods, and sealed non-perishables are getting packed and shipped, but all our frozen foods must be eaten. So we have been having meals made up of Pizza Rolls, chicken patties, taquitos, pizzas, frozen fruit smoothies, ice cream, and frozen meats. It’s interesting menu.

As for packing, we are basically done. I’m working today and then I get a long vacation and time to move. Which is nice. But because I’m working the day before we move I have to keep my PC, router, and modem out and usable until almost the last minute.

I realized a few days ago that next weekend is my first weekend off since February. Whoops!

Your Daily Simpsons Clip

How’s it going? Anyone else accidentally work a bunch and forget to take some time off? How’s work going? Anybody got good news to share down there?

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Today will be a more relaxing day, filled with video games, food, and beer. I’m going to have a poke bowl for lunch today. My partner got it at the grocery store yesterday, but it as quinoa in it and that hurts her stomach. I’ve always been entranced by the idea of a poke bowl, but very hesitant to try one because I don’t really like fish (a poke bowl is basically just sushi in a bowl). She ended up getting one with beets in it, which I don’t particularly care for. I’d have much preferred a sweet and spicy poke bowl myself. I’m also not a fan of quinoa, so this meal will be full of adventures.