How's It Going?: Pizza Edition

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Hi! Welcome back to our daily open thread. Who else here loves pizza?

My girlfriend and I have been limiting how often we go out to grab groceries. But we also don’t want to panic-buy $400 worth of cereal or bread or other useful things that are hard to find. So instead I’ve been slightly stocking up on something which my local Walmart has yet to run out of: Frozen pizzas.


Sure they run out of certain brands or kinds of pizza, but they always have some in stock. I also grab a bag of Pizza Rolls too. Because sometimes I want pizza, but I can’t be bothered to actually use the oven. Yes, I cook pizza rolls in the microwave. But I’ve done it so many times that I have a system that leads to crispy and hot rolls.

Step 1: Cook them for at least 3 mins in the microwave. Seems long, I know.

Step 2: DON’T touch them. Leave them in there for like 5-6 minutes. Trust the process.

Step 3: Now nuke them for another minute or until they are hot enough for you.

Step 4: Eat them.

Here’s Your Daily Simpsons Scene:

Anyways, how are you all doing? For a lot of you, this might have been your first weekend stuck inside. Did you make anything cool? Did you sleep a lot? Any snack foods you are binging on while staying home?

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Batista Thumbs Up

I literally live next door to a Mountain Mike’s, my favorite chain of pizza (mostly a NorCal thing but they’re expanding south more and more), so on the pizza front, I’m all set!

Nervous about tomorrow; went through tele-orientation and rehearsal last two days working with EA/Apex Legends before the real deal broadcast tomorrow. In terms of my editing career, first time I’ve worked without anyone I’ve known prior (on top of software I’ve never used before), so it’s a bit like working without a safety net, but I know if I can do a good job tomorrow, who knows what doors can open, especially with my full time job suspended indefinitely.