How's It Going?: Forethought Edition

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I thought it was Thursday for several hours of today, but it’s only Wednesday, and the day’s just begun! Welcome back to our daily open thread.


I got a lot of greens in my CSA yesterday, including the biggest napa cabbage I’ve ever seen. Greens tend to wilt almost immediately in my crisper drawer, which I need to accept is not a crisper drawer at all but just a drawer at the bottom of my fridge where things go to die. Instead of throwing everything in there and then screaming “Why did this all wilt?!,” I took some time last night to look up how to best store my haul and then actually stored it that way, wrapping things in damp paper towels and putting them in bags. I haven’t checked this morning to see if it helped, but it felt good to be proactive.

How are you making things easier for future you? How’s it going?


My wife keeps buying vegetables and salad bags for dishes she wants to make, and then when it’s her turn to cook dinner she makes pre-packaged spaghetti and wonders why all of the untouched vegetables have gone bad a week later. Woman, I can only add so many peppers and onions into my red beans and rice before it turns into really shitty ratatouille! /rant

My porch garden is going well I guess? At this point there’s some large patches that haven’t sprouted three weeks in, so I’m debating about either doing a second round of seeds or waiting another week or two for the sprouts to stabilize and redistribute what’s already growing. About the only thing that’s doing amazing are the radishes, so I guess we’ll have a shit ton of radishes to snack on in a couple months. Oh, and I added some tomato and pepper plants that have overtaken some of the plots, to the surprise of nobody.

Put a solid six hours in the Witcher 3 last night. Finished the Bloody Baron quest, which I still contend is meh. Also wrapped up the Keira quest, and I’m not satisfied with my choices in that one. I might go back to a previous save and lose a bunch of progress to redo it. Feels like cheating, but I’m okay replaying some significant parts since I’m trying to be the “honest paladin” in my playthrough and didn’t realize there alternative choices. Also, I’ll cop to being a massive perv and wouldn’t mind the romance scene again. I’m finally starting to get into the parts of the story where I have to chose the least-worst options, and I’m resisting the urge to look up which decisions lead to the “best” path.