How's It Going? Flight Stick Edition

Dammit, Microsoft Flight Simulator. Welcome back to our daily open thread.

Good morning. I’ve spent the opening hours of my day on the website of one Thrustmaster because Microsoft Flight Simulator demands it. I own more than three dozen mechanical keyboards, but none of them are adequate to control a Cessna. They work okay, and I can remap controls to my heart’s content, but I need a stick. Or a yoke. I need knobs and levels. I do not need pedals, as my feet haven’t moved since March of 2018. Look at me saving money with my disability. I will, however, be needing everything else, up to and possibly including a replica cockpit. Dammit, Microsoft Flight Simulator.

So how’s your day going? How are things?

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I got an GTX 1070 Ti, regular hard drive, 16gb Ram. Which should I upgrade for the best impact on FS2020, A better video card or (32gb Ram and an M.2 NVMe drive)?

I’m leaning towards the ram and ssd drive.