How's It Going?: Family Edition

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It’s Wednesday! We’re doing it! Welcome back to our daily open thread.

My parents live in Florida, and my sister lives in Texas, and suddenly all of them are trying to get me to leave New York and come where they are, which is very weird timing given that coronavirus cases are jumping in their states. Maybe things feel OK to them because they don’t live in cities. After months of times being pretty rough in New York, it’s unsettling to think that things are more dangerous, coronavirus-wise, out of town than they are here. I feel like a jerk turning them down, but it seems like a more sensible choice to just stay put, despite how sick I am of hanging around in my tiny apartment with no end in sight.


How’s your family doing, if you have one? How’s it going?



I’m quarantined with my family bc I’m a uni student. Anyways, it’s nice to be able to grab a coffee with my parents but I’m tired of not being able to watch anything above PG in the living room (my brother is nine years old). Said brother also demands baked goods from me on fridays bc he learned my schedule lol

Also, I refer to Ruby as a rabbit since she demands carrots from mom daily. She was also recently introduced to watermelon and I think that’s gonna be the next fave of hers. And she tolerates ear cleanings if apple slices are involved! Anyways, it bums me out to tell her that no, she can’t have another fruit/veg today (since cleaning up the results of overdoing fiber is not fun).