How's It Going? End Of The Line Edition

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Welcome to the final installment of our daily open thread. There is a new morning hangout, and it’s got music and everything.

Our daily “How’s It Going?” posts started up many months ago as a means to help our community during the whole shelter-in-place thing, giving us a place to chill and hang. Now there is another place to chill and hang. It’s called “Morning Music.” It runs every morning, including Saturdays and Sundays now, and it’s a place to hang out, listen to some great video game songs, and share whatever it is you folks feel like sharing. Recipe tips. TV show recommendations. The Matrix. Pictures of your pets. Obscure cartoon references.

“How’s It Going?” is going away, but not really. We’re just asking the question in a different place. Now once more, for old time’s sake, how’s it going? 

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Kate Moore (chiisaisuzume)

Kind of had a feeling that this was coming, although I do appreciate an official “end” to it, rather than being left wondering. To Kotaku proper, thank you for providing this space for as long as you have! To the commentariat.... I’ve gotten to know (inasmuch as one can over the internet) so many of you that I might not have otherwise, and I’m grateful for it. Thank you for sharing your stories; both the positive ones that made the day better and even the maybe not-so that served to help us feel like we weren’t alone. Thank you for listening reading, for the commiseration, support and genuine enthusiasm.

Should note—this isn’t a goodbye, as I’ve been reading this site for around a dozen years now, and I don’t intend on stopping now! But in the interest of full disclosure, I’m not sure that I’d be comfortable cluttering up the music thread with my drama, as it does have a different stated purpose. (Been enjoying them quite a lot, though!) I do check my notifs, so if anyone ever needs to talk, I’m still here. Wish everyone the best; be well. :)