How's It Going?: Dual Monitors Edition

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Sundays are for relaxing and chatting. And this thread can help you do one or maybe even both of these things. Come on in!


After years of wanting to do it and people telling me I should do it, I have finally set up my PC with two monitors. And now I feel like Batman at his Batcomputer. It didn’t seem to be the most useful thing when I first set them up. But now I can’t live without two monitors.

Being able to have large windows open with videos or chat on one screen and my text editor on the other is incredible. I feel more productive and efficient. I know I’m really late, but I’m so happy I got two monitors set up. If you work a lot on a PC and don’t have two monitors, I recommend splurging and setting up even a basic dual-screen setup. It will change your life!

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How’s it going? Anybody else starting to come to terms with the fact that this is our new normal? That wearing masks, avoiding crowds, and staying home as much as possible is our future in the United States for the rest of the year. And probably most of next year.

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Last night I made the decision to just buy a new desk. I wanted to build one the other month, but I’ve just not have the time to spend in my workshop of late. I don’t need anything special right now, just basically a big flat surface. My current desk is 60 inches by 30, and I’d like to keep that. I’m also going to get some extra monitor arms so I can have multiple monitors on arms. My current setup is the main laptop with one to the right, plus extra work laptops more to the right that get used pretty regularly but mainly remain close. My idea for the new desk is to have 2 monitors, one on either side of the laptop, then the work laptops still off to the side.

Because of these size requirements, I’m basically just looking at a giant flat table. I’ve found a few, but they definitely fall in the entirely functional category. I wish I could get a few more options for the mdf veneer.