How's It Going?: Dinner Edition

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Welcome to Thursday in the longest and shortest week in recent memory, and welcome back to our daily open thread.

Something that’s been tricky about these posts is that it’s hard to think of a new topic every day when most of my days are pretty much the same. I started worrying yesterday that these blogs make me look like all I do is eat and watch TV, but that is pretty much all I do lately. This realization, of course, led to a small, despairing meltdown, after which I baked a pie.

I made a pretty great stir fry last night from my CSA haul, of asparagus, beech mushrooms, and pea shoots. (I’ve never cooked with the latter two ingredients, so it was very exciting!) I’m pretty much lost without recipes when I cook, but I’d like to get better at making up dishes, which seems closer to actual cooking than what I do, which is basically just following directions. A stir fry is a pretty low lift step in that direction, and even though I didn’t do much besides heat some vegetables up in a pan and dump a sauce on them, I’m pretty pleased with myself.


Are you a recipe person, or do you wing it? Are there any hobbies left in this world besides meal planning? How’s it going?

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Faux Bravo

I just noticed that Netflix is down to basically no content that isn’t there own. I scrolled through my list and there were only about 15 things on it, which is... not true. They’ve just gotten rid of so much stuff, that’s all that’s left. So uh... bye, Netflix.

It really sucks that there’s not one streaming service you can get to get a decent movie selection. What’s the point of streaming services if I have to subscribe to 10 of them to have any sort of diversity?

Maybe I’ll pick up Disney Plus for a month so I can rewatch The Simpsons again.