How's It Going?: Cool Weather Edition

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I need to put my coat on, but once I do that I’ll be ready to join you in today’s daily open thread.


And like that... it’s cold! I’m so excited for fall. It’s the start of the spooky season. Hot cocoa! Sweaters! Scary movies! Pumpkins! My GF and I are already decorating the apartment with cute skulls and spiders. What a great time of year. And the weather out here in Kansas is finally getting cool. Not chilly or snowy, but just a bit of a cool breeze. I can leave my window open now and my office fills up with that nice cool air. It makes playing games much nicer, considering how much heat they put out. I assume they like it too. Must be nicer than 95 degree summer days.

Your Daily Simpsons Clip

How’s it going? I’ve been feeling better lately. I think the spooky season, the cooler weather and some new games have helped distract me from all the shit going on in the world. I also discovered curry and I like it!

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While the cooler weather is nice (first day of hoodie season), the time of my beloved tank top season is drawing to a close. The sun is no longer out, and the guns must do the same.