How's It Going?: Comics Edition

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For a few years, I had a nice tablet that I read tons of comic books on. But sadly its battery went bad and after spending over a year going back and forth on replacing it or fixing it I finally decided to get a new tablet. I got an iPad. I normally don’t like Apple products, but its price wasn’t too bad and we had some money saved up. Now I’m back to reading comics!

Currently, I’m catching up on stuff I missed. I’m reading the rest of Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl. I’m also going to start reading some of the Star Wars comics I missed. I also want to read more classic comics. I’ve read a few older Superman collections and some old Spider-Man comics, but that’s about it for my pre-2000s comic exposure. If anyone has great recommendations let me know!

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How’s it going? I’m doing better recently, but that probably just means I haven’t looked at the news enough. With fall coming I’m ready for the spooky season to start.

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I got an Amazon Fire HD10 specifically for Comixology and others. Myself, I tend to aim at the older books I remember reading, or that era (60s-80s). I have a bunch of 40s-50s comics as well (my mom would be amazed if she were still alive...she started reading them in the late 1930s).

And not just Comixology...I also have it loaded up with collections I acquired from Humble Bundle. A collection of comics for Banned Books Week, a collection of Jack Kirby and Will Eisner comics and books, and this current one, highlighting the British 2000AD and Judge Dredd:

That particular collection is still up for a couple of days, and has around 39 collections. That includes Judge Dredd, Judge Anderson, Alan Moore and Ian Gibson’s The Ballad of Halo Jones and plenty more. And all of it for just $15 minimum.

It supports War Child and Special Effect.

My collections still don’t top my physical collection (probably 1500+), but it’s getting there :)