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How's It Going?: Chilling Edition

Lonely Mountains: Downhill
Lonely Mountains: Downhill
Screenshot: Megagon/Kotaku

It’s Wednesday, but I’m just back from a few days off so it feels like Monday. Welcome back to our daily open thread.


It was nice to have a few days off! I did many exciting things, like going grocery shopping, and cleaning my couch upholstery, and restringing my guitar. I also worked on some personal projects and read some books, so it wasn’t all chores. It was nice to have some time to chill out, even though sitting around my house isn’t all that different from my usual sitting around the house. Vacation is kind of weird when you can’t really do anything special, alas.

How are you finding some chill lately? How’s it going?

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Faux Bravo

Welcome back, Riley. Glad to hear you finally managed to string your guitar. That was an epic saga.

We had boxing class last night. First time in threeish months. It was rough. There were only four of us and the instructor. Working out in a mask is brutal, and we stopped often to wipe everything down, so there was a bit more downtime than usual. But that’s fine, because boy am I not in the shape I was back in March. Extra breaks were welcome. And I’m sore as hell today.

The struggle to find a game that’ll click is still ongoing. I miss when I had all four Uncharteds ahead of me. Been playing a bit of Overwatch the last couple nights and then this really annoying solitaire app on my phone while watching some shows or movies. Picked up some cheap stuff on the Steam sale and a couple of things on PSN, too. Soooo hopefully one of those will do it, once I get everything installed.

Some games actually kind of call to me, but they’re games that I’ve started and left for a long time. It feels like I should restart them, but I don’t want to, so I just end up not playing them.

Too bad the good old days of being a kid and just playing a handful of games a ton out of necessity are over. Options make everything harder.