How's It Going? Chillin' Edition

If only this were life.
Gif: Snowman

Who doesn’t love a simple game you can lose yourself in for hours? Welcome back to our daily open thread.


While I do love a big-budget blockbuster game with lifelike graphics and complex moral themes, sometimes all I want is the right combination of music, some stylized art, and gameplay that doesn’t take much more than a single finger. Snowman’s Alto games are perfect for those times. Just thinking about snow or sandboarding down those beautiful lonely mountains and deserts gives me such happy chills. The two mobile games, Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey, are out for PC, PS4, and Xbox One today as The Alto Collection, so I am predicting a very chill weekend indeed. They are my happy place.

What’s your happy place? How’s it going?

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Chillin’ is a good word to describe the weather in Seattle right now. 58F/15C, and it got down to around 50/10 in the dead of night.

Summers are so fleeting in the Emerald City, and soon enough the rains will return (sometime between Labor Day and Halloween everything goes to hell in a hurry and the sun doesn’t come out again until Memorial Day the following year), but for now I’m happy enough that climbing the hill to the gas station to get the cheap soda (it’s $2.89 at the one on level ground for a 2-litre and 2-for-$3.50 at the top of the hill, so I climb the hill) isn’t a Bataan Death March the way it was when I grew up in New England and choked on the heat and humidity this time of year under similar circumstances.