How's It Going?: Chicken Nuggets Edition

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Folks, I got some good news for you: A new open thread is ready and waiting, just for you! Come on in!


This week I ate one of my favorite foods in the whole world. I drove out to my local McDonald’s and ordered 20 chicken nuggets. I understand that some folks might find the idea of eating McDonald’s appalling and to those people, I say this: You should stop reading now.

Okay, are they gone? Cool. I love chicken nuggets. The crunchy outside, the soft inside, and the smell. Someone once said to me that they don’t even taste like chicken. I disagree, but even if they don’t, so what. I’m going to McDonald’s, okay? I’m not looking for the highest quality chicken in the world or some finely cooked meal. I’m looking for the same thing I’ve had a hundred times before since I was a kid. If I’m ever feeling sad, an easy way to make me feel better is to grab some nuggets and enjoy them with some tangy sweet and sour sauce.

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How’s it going? Have you had any fast food lately? Or maybe you cooked something at home recently that was super tasty? Or terrible?

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My weird take: Chicken McNuggets taste great as their own thing but suck as “chicken.”

Chick-fil-A nuggets are actually nuggets of chicken. McNuggets are just mashed up stuff inside.