How's It Going?: Celery Edition

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It’s Thursday, which is almost Friday. Welcome back to our daily open thread.

I got a giant head of celery in my CSA this week. Celery pisses me off—I don’t know how anyone gets excited about what is essentially stringy water. This particular celery extra pisses me off because it’s so big it barely fits in my fridge, which means I have to take it out every time I need something, which just reminds me all over again that I’m burdened with celery. I have a couple ideas of what to do with it, but those recipes involve buying more ingredients, and I don’t think it’s fair of something as crappy as celery to demand I go to the store. I keep telling myself, “Look, you don’t have to eat the celery” but wasting food feels worse than just sucking it up and consuming celery, likely while growling “Celery!” to myself and shaking my fist at the heavens.


What do you do with celery, readers? How’s it going?

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I really like celery. Big fan of just dunking it in some ranch dressing, hummus, or making ants on a log. I also forgot entirely what CSA stood for, until I saw a sign at a farmer’s market over the weekend. I told my partner they would like doing that and they agreed, but said they also prefer to pick out their vegetables.

I made a honeydew ice cream over the weekend, and finally had some last night. It was....alright. I definitely put way too much melon in there. I used an entire melon which was super overkill. The resulting taste is pretty good, but its more frozen treat right now than ice cream. I’ve still got a bunch of ice cream that I wasn’t able to process, but I think I’m just going to chuck the entire thing out. I’ve got some cantaloupe and watermelon now, and I i need to finish off the cream and milk I bought for the ice cream. Putting the honeydew in the food processor resulted in so much water, I need to figure out how to handle the cantaloupe and watermelon so it doesn’t throw the entire recipe off. Please, let me know if you have/know of/find a good recipe for melon ice cream!