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How's It Going?: Burnout Edition

Burnout Paradise Remastered
Burnout Paradise Remastered
Screenshot: Steam

We’re halfway through the week! Welcome back to our daily open thread.

I get a few days off after the long weekend next week, which I am badly looking forward to. While I’ve enjoyed not having to commute, I often joke that the flipside of working from home is living at work, and I’m definitely feeling that these days. Lately, I’ve felt a lot of pressure to cram the whole rest of my life into my non-work hours, only to be so exhausted that I don’t get any of that stuff done either, which then piles up until everything, both work and non-work, feels like too much to accomplish. I spend a lot of my free time lying on the couch, thinking of the work things I should be doing or the non-work things that would make me happy to do, all without the energy to do any of them. I’m really looking forward to having enough time to not wake up early panicking about all the things I need to get done. (Also hopefully I will do my laundry, which has become a dire situation.)


That’s still a few days away, though, so I’m currently trying to stay the course while counting down to the weekend. How do you deal with burnout? How’s it going?

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It’s not a *popular* way to deal with work burnout, but I’m currently just kind of giving up caring about the big picture that motivates me and just kind of giving in to getting whatever is in front of me done. I’m not a fan of my job at this point and think all the high level decisions are wrong, not to mention all the managers keep shuffling around to different sectors so any leadership is short term focused and constantly temporary, but—and that’s a gigantic but—keeping a job and continuing to survive right now has eclipsed all of that. I’ll certainly take a mental health day or three in the coming weeks, though. Definitely could use that.

Also, snacks.