How's It Going?: Binge Edition

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Welcome to another week, and welcome back to our daily open thread.

I got a 30 day free trial to Showtime last week, so I’ve been watching a lot of the shows I’ve heard people talk about but never seen. Over the weekend I finished Kidding, a Jim Carrey show that features puppets. (I am irrationally terrified of puppets, so I had to look away a couple times.) I thought the two seasons of the show had a lot of weaknesses, but there were a couple moments that were absolutely brilliant. It felt nice to stop being overwhelmed with panic about the state of the world and instead growl “Damn, I wish I had written that” at scenes in a TV show. (I then fell down a rabbithole researching Jim Carrey, which...uh.)


The downside of binge-watching is, of course, that then you’ve watched the whole thing and there isn’t any more. What else should I watch? Anything you’re binge-watching these days? How’s it going?

Bonus: I caught the tail end of last night’s celebration for Stephen Sondheim’s birthday, so I’ve also just watched this over and over.

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Wife and I just finished season 3 of The Good Place and we’re waiting for season 4 to be available for streaming in its entirety. Also keeping up with the weekly episodes of Duck Tales, because the reboot is firing on all cylinders. I need to watch season 6 of Younger while I’m at it. My wife can never remember what happens one season to the next and either I watch the show by myself or rewatch the entire series with her to get “caught up.”

We watched the first episode of Lego Masters last night and holy shit is that show fucking atrocious. Given the number of amazing Lego artists on the internet, they ended up with a bunch of caricatures who probably never touched a Lego brick prior to the first episode. I was expecting something akin to Face Off or Skin Wars, not Worst Cooks in America. Not that I would expect anything less from Fox these days.

My wife is still watching Masked Singer, but I checked out after the first season. Loved the first season, but the format changes in the follow-up lessened the appeal. Then I found out Sarah Palin was on the latest season and I ran out of fucks to give. Although I did call Bronk even without watching an episode, so I guess I’ve got that going for me.