How's It Going?: Batman Edition

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We need to talk! Luckily for you, there’s a nice place to do just that! Come on in and welcome to our daily open thread.

DC FanDome is going on this weekend and as a result, my Twitter feed is filled with DC news, announcements, trailers and memes. Also a lot of Batman. We have a new Batman movie, a different Batman will be in the new Flash movie, a new Batman in that Gotham Knights game and a new version of the hero in the comics. I might argue that there is too much Batman. Too many Batmen, if you will.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan of Batman and his villains. But I do often wish DC didn’t go back to the Batman well so often, so frequently. I will make an exception for a new LEGO Batman film. You can go back to that Dark Knight well as much as you want if it gets me a LEGO Batman sequel.


I will say it has been nice this weekend to have moments where I just watched big new movie trailers and teasers and thought about big, blockbuster films instead of the world being on fire and dying.

Your Daily Simpsons Clip

How’s it going? Why doesn’t Batman dance anymore? Also, my theater near me is opening up soon and while I miss movies in theaters, there is no way I’m going to sit in a theater anytime soon.

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Darth Sunshine

I’ve found this to be an effective coping strategy.

I would love to go see a movie, but yeah... It’s gonna be a while before I go to a theater again.

Speaking of Batman, coincidentally I just started the Telltale game. Say what you will about the gameplay and glitches, but their stories always did a great job of making me care about the characters, and it’s amazing how forgiving I get with plot or structure issues if I feel invested in the people. I’m really enjoying the focus on Bruce Wayne in this one.