How's It Going? Back To School Edition

From the Doctor Who episode School Reunion, cause I am a big ol’ nerd.
From the Doctor Who episode School Reunion, cause I am a big ol’ nerd.
Screenshot: BBC

Shhh, my children are in the other room doing school. Welcome back to our daily open thread.

Thank goodness I live in Fulton, one of Georgia’s more sensible counties. Instead of having our children plastered all over CNN as two of the hundreds who contracted covid-19 on the first day back to class, my Seamus and Archer are in their bedroom/office, dialing into some weird electronic learning service that my spouse absolutely hates. I cannot see them from where I am, but I know Archer is only wearing a t-shirt and underwear, doing his old dad proud. Sure, I’m a little sad they don’t get to hang out with their friends, but they don’t seem to care and we’re all alive, so there’s that. What a weird new world.

So how’s it going with you folks?

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Very glad to hear your kids get to stay safe.

Today should hopefully be our last 90+ degree day for another couple weeks or so. I’m not nearly as much of a fan of hot summer days as I used to be. Still, I have iced tea at the ready, and cut up some delicious melon yesterday that I’m about to grab more of.

I snuck in a couple rounds of fall guys before work this morning since I got a red & blue color scheme in the store to pair with the spider web pattern and play as Spider Bean! I had two tragic tip toe round threes, but I of course said JUST ONE MORE and not only redeemed my tip toe cred with a first place finish, but totally web-swung in at the last moment to yoink away a crown in fall mountain. I’d better be productive for work today if I want to live up to that feeling of accomplishment.