Back in 2008, Square Enix said it was working on Dragon Quest X for the Nintendo Wii. Then...silence.

Fastforward to 2011, and Square Enix is talking about the game. Well, kinda.

"The next Dragon Quest game, Dragon Quest X, will actually be released on Wii," Dragon Quest Yuji Hori tells Nintendo Power. "I feel that some users will want to play Dragon Quest on the big screen, which is why we are working toward releasing it on Wii."


The previous title, Dragon Quest IX, was released on the Nintendo DS in summer 2009 in Japan after suffering numerous delays.

Dragon Quest X is still being worked on, apparently, as Hori tells mag Nintendo Power that developers are on "the last parts of the game". Hori added that it won't be until the end of 2011 that he'll be able to give more details about the title.

The first Dragon Quest game was released in Japan in 1986. It was created by dudes, pencils and cigarettes.


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