How Zeno Clash 2 Will Be Even Zeno Clashier

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ACE Team's well-received first-person brawler Zeno Clash has only just been released, yet already, a sequel has been announced. We know it'll be Zeno Clashier than the first game, but just how, exactly?


Carlos Bordeu, co-founder of developers ACE Team, has elaborated on his earlier comments that the game will be more "open-ended", telling Eurogamer:

We're looking at improving the melee and weapon combat and giving it something more in-depth - adding more attacks and doing something more dynamic, like playing with the environment and not having all levels as flat floors. We're also looking at the possibility of playing different characters. We still haven't decided completely, but it's an interesting idea. Stuff like that.


Bordeu also says that we can expect a more RPG-like experience next time around, with the team looking to introduce levelling-up, along with "attributes, an inventory, objectives, side-quests and several other bits that make RPGs popular".

So long as he doesn't mean "big-eyed, moppish-haired teenagers with giant swords", we should be OK.

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I've never played the game, but the art style certainly does not interest me...