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How Weird is Your Video Game Store? Not This Weird.

Most times, when you go to a game store, it’s likely to the blandest of interactions. Jingle that doorbell, chat up the people working there, trade some stuff in and make a purchase. But, all in all, you might not know the people in the store really well. After watching this indie film, you might decide that that’s a good thing.


Directed by William Gerardi, The Game Store’s been kicking around for a while but just came to our attention. The short comes across as a bit of a riff on Clerks but with less of a storyline and a lot more skeevy creepiness. Part of Game Store does boil down to a carousel of overly familiar types once it’s all said and done, but they’re layered all over each other in such bizarre ways that it’s hard to stop watching. Your local shop might be terrible but, at least you don’t have to shop at The Game Store.

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I live in the East Valley area of Phoenix (Tempe/Mesa/Chander/Gilbert,) and I'm telling you right now it is not unusual to go into Gamestop and just feel that the employees are a

I don't doubt that part of it is Gamestop conditioning their employees in a way that grooms them to be future annoying used car salesmen, but seriously it's pretty normal for me to go into a Gamestop (and there are A LOT of them around here) and be a little weirded out at the way the employees interact with people.

They just come off as, and perhaps maybe it's because it's what they are, as a bunch of teenagers/college aged kids who do more interacting via internet and text message than they do verbally. It's just not a very pleasant experience.