How To Write Pokemon Music? Pretending!

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In the West, when one says "Pokémon music", this song probably leaps to mind. We are not talking about that this song.


Besides heading up the Pokémon franchise, Junichi Masuda also composes battle music for the series. "There is no doubt that I am inspired by many great composers. But when I work on the battle music for Pokémon games, I become a Trainer and imagine that I'm actually in the battle with my Pokémon," Masuda tells Kotaku.

"Naturally, I draw inspiration from that. When I am almost done with the music, I look at the battle scenes and play the game. I finish the music by channeling the inspiration I get from being a player."


It's because he wants to be the very best. No one ever was. To compose them is his real test. Oh wait, we're not talking about this. Sorry!

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I've always loved this song. I'd let it loop once before I even started battling xD