How To Use GTA V's Cheats

Cheats are a hallowed part of Grand Theft Auto history. If you have fond memories of the ol’ Infinite Ammo or Full Armor cheats, you’ll be happy about these new ones that show up in GTA V.


A handy video from the folks at VideoGamer shows off a handful of codes in action, showing the vehicles, weather shifts and ability changes that happen when you press the right buttons. For those who don’t feel like playing by the rules, IGN’s got a more comprehensive list of cheats.

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Fernando Jorge

I wonder what'd happen if the press talked about some random game as much as they talk about the big releases.

Yes, games like GTA V will have a lot of players, lot of people interested in it and interest in the game means more people reading about the game. I don't condemn at all delivering what you think your audience will be interested in.

But that's not my point. Imagine Kotaku just posted tons of stuff about some random ass game, if you guys wrote huge detailed reviews and treated the game like it was THE game, the important game of the year.

Would people keep reading and be excited about it? Would the barrage of articles simply get no pageviews?

I guess my point is maybe we should get over the idea that certain game is the important game. Some games have large audiences but that's about it. We all have very diverse tastes in games. I bet most people who are hugely excited about V also have another game, or potential sequel, they are hugely excited about but that the rest of everyone doesn't care much.

By all means, give the game a good coverage. But after the game is done, talk about whatever it is that's legitimately interesting to talk about regarding the game, not just any random thing that happens in any big name game.

Not that this article is an example of that. But like, just remember Skyrim, Kotaku would... and still does, post just about any random thing regarding that game.