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How To Turn a PlayStation 3 Theft Into a Drug Bust

Illustration for article titled How To Turn a PlayStation 3 Theft Into a Drug Bust

17-year-old Bobby Lee Huffman of Hickory, North Carolina, called the police to his home on Monday after he discovered his PlayStation 3, controllers, and games had apparently been stolen. Then Bobby Lee did something incredibly stupid.


Officers responded to the Huffman residence on Monday, where Bobby Lee showed them where the alleged criminals had torn the screen to the side door of his house and broken some glass in order to gain access to his missing PlayStation 3. According to police reports the break-in occurred sometime between 1PM and 6PM.

Trouble began when Bobby Lee's mother told the police she suspected some of her son's friends had stolen the console. What kind of friends would do such a thing? Why, drug using friends, of course.


So the police officer that responded to the call asked Bobby Lee if he had any illegal substances on the premises.

Shortly thereafter, Huffman was arrested, charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

*rubs temples* Look kids, when you pick up the phone and call the police to your home, the first thing you do before they arrive is make sure there are no illegal substances in the house. At the very least, make sure they are well hidden.

And second? When a police officer asks you if there are illegal substances in the house, you don't just run and fetch them. Bobby Lee handed over a small quantity of pot, some pipes, and a grinder. I like to imagine him like a little puppy, wagging his tail, not realizing what he's holding in his maw is a severed human hand.


So on top of losing $350 worth of video game equipment, Bobby Lee is now facing drug charges, released into his mother's custody on a $500 unsecured bond.

*throws confetti*

Stolen Video Game Leads To Drug Arrest For Teen []

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Lot of comments here complaining that the cops somehow did something wrong here.

No. They didn't. No matter what you THINK, pot is still illegal to possess unless you live in one of those states/cities where they've legalized it as a medical drug AND you have the card for it.

It's like complaining about getting a speeding ticket for fuck's sake. If you don't want the ticket, don't go 10+ over the posted limit. The cop didn't make you speed, he's just doing his job.