How To Trick Dying Light Into Giving You Loads Of Money [UPDATE]

Dying Light is a game with a lot of loot and a lot of grinding. If you're looking for an easy way around its loot grind to maximize your time spent killing zombies for fun and fun alone, fear not: players have uncovered a handy exploit to do just that.


UPDATE: Techland keeps patching this out and then players keep discovering slightly new ways to do the same thing, so scroll down to the bottom for the most up-to-date duping technique.

Original story follows.

Uncovered by a number of different players who posted their findings on Reddit (see here, for one small example), Dying Light's relevant cheat allows you to duplicate any weapon you're holding an infinite number of times. This in turn means you can sell the results for infinite piles of cash. The economy-breaking exploit works exactly the same way it did in its immediate predecessor Dead Island. I really wasn't kidding when I said the games have a lot in common!

Anyways, here's a step-by-step guide for how to get it working:

Step One: Acquire the Melee "Throw" skill, available in the "Power" skills menu. "Throw" comes after "Stun" in its specific branch of the Power skill tree, so you'll need to put a few levels into the discipline before the cheat can work. Doing so is just a matter of killing zombies.


Step Two: Choose a weapon, presumably a valuable one. Equip it.

Step Three: Throw the weapon using the Throw skill.

Step Four: Immediately after throwing the weapon (i.e., before it even hits the ground), open up your inventory, select the weapon you just threw, and "drop" it from your inventory.


Step Five: Sell the weapon(s).

Step Six: Repeat this process as many times as necessary to get all the money you need. Can also be performed before step five.


Step Seven: Once you have a giant enough pile of money, go like this:


The video up top, which I found thanks to this Gameranx post, shows how to perform the exploit in action if you're still confused.

Also, one last thing: keep in mind that you don't have to use this exploit if you don't want to. I probably won't because I think that leveling your character's abilities and equipment is the best part of the Dead Island games, which both became exceedingly dull once I maxed everything out. But who am I to tell you what the best way to kill zombies is?


UPDATE (2/4/15 5:40 pm): The original exploit has been patched out of Dying Light, but players have already discovered another one! Follow the new instructions below to keep getting bigger and better loot:

That video comes from Reddit's BillSavage. Here's how another player broke the exploit down in the same thread:

1.) Open your inventory. You're going to 'drop' any item that has a number beside it. Ex: throwing knives, Molotov, stuff like that.

2.) Highlight that item! You push the right stick to drop it, BUT the moment you push the right stick, push the circle button and exit the menu. If you did it right, the small "how many items would you like to drop" menu will still be on the screen.

3.) Wait for the menu to disappear. Then take the weapon you want to duplicate and throw it, at the ground or wall or whatever. Before it lands, bring your menu back up!

4.) Your menu will still have the small " how many do you want to drop" on the screen, however you can move the stick to select your weapon you are duplicating and drop it from your inventory.

5.) Profit!

As some other players observed, this duping technique also works with the player's in-game stash. Learn how to use that exploit here:

UPDATE #2 (3/13/2015 3:15 pm): And it's been changed once again! Follow the most recent instructions in the video below:

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