The arrival of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on the Switch might leave veteran hunters scratching their heads. What’s the point if you’ve already spent hundreds of hours playing the 3DS version? Thankfully, you can transfer your character from one console to the other. Follow these steps and your old character will get a spiffy graphical upgrade.

To start, open the 3DS eShop and look for the “Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Save Data Transfer App.” Open it up and select “Link Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch.” This will give you a password that you need to use on the Switch. It’ll look something like this:


You’ll need to input this on your Nintendo Switch copy of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. In the main menu, select the “Data Transfer” option. You’ll be prompted to enter your transfer password, so go ahead and do that. This links both of your console to the servers. After that, head back to your 3DS and select “Save Data Transfer.” It might take a while to upload, but once it finishes, select the “Receive Save Data” option on your Switch. This will download the data to your console. Select “Continue” and you can select your old character. You’ll even get the chance to change your appearance before you start.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is grindier than Monster Hunter: World. Being able to jump into the action with your old weapons is nice. The data transfer app is pretty easy and cuts out having to redo lower hunter ranks. Sit down for 5-10 minutes and you can enjoy some fresh new hunts while holding on to all your old loot.

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