In this video documentary for Paragon Studio's super hero MMO City of Heroes, the team talks us through the morality system that changes your villain into a hero and vice versa in the upcoming Going Rogue expansion.


Changing sides isn't a simple choice in the Going Rogue expansion. It's a path that a hero takes that will see them transform from shining avenger to brooding vigilante before finally slipping over into the dark side. Similarly, a villain character's path to redemption begins with them becoming a dashing rogue before finally finding true acceptance as a Paragon of justice.

Or you can just create a Pratorean character, experiencing the expansion's new starting content as a blank slate, attempting to walk the line between good and evil without falling to either side.


It sounds like Going Rogue will indeed be an excellent time for new and lapsed players to take a trip to Paragon City.

Going Rogue launches on August 17.

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I played this game for two years before I learned better. It appears that it hasn't changed at all.