I loved Dishonored's dank, diseased city of Dunwall. It felt so fully realized, and had so much character. A lot of that came from the food. Like Bioshock before it, most of Dishonored's characters leave food lying around. As the protagonist Corvo meanders from room to room, he'll often take stabbing-breaks to eat everything that's not nailed down.

Most of the food in the game is pretty gross—jellied eels! ew!—but there was one thing that, every time I found one laying around, I'd eat in a heartbeat: The delicious-sounding apricot tartlet.


The folks over at Gourmet Gaming have, in their inimitable style, posted a recipe for recreating the tartlets from the game. If you've got the culinary chops, you too can make a bunch of these, then leave them lying around your property to nourish any mask-wearing assassins who may sneak by.

Eat? Don't mind if I do.

Dishonored - Apricot Tartlet [Gourmet Gaming]

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